Commies 2013 – Categories


The following are the categories for the 2013 Commies.

2013’s 2012 Awards
2013’s 2012 Game of the Year2013’s 2012 Album of the Year
2013’s 2012 Book of the Year
2013’s 2012 TV Show of the Year
2013’s 2012 Film of the Year

Best of 2013 Awards
Best New TV Show
Best TV Character
Best Art Direction in a Game
Best Film Soundtrack/Score
Best Game Soundtrack/Score
Best Female Performance in a Video Game
Best Male Performance in a Video Game
Best Actress in a TV Show
Best Actor in a TV Show
Best Actress in a Film
Best Actor in a Film
The A.A. Dowd C+ Film of the Year
Book of the Year
Album of the Year
Game of the Year
Episode of the Year
TV Show of the Year
Film of the Year

Best of the AV Club Awards
The SIIIIIIIIIIIMS! Award for Most Clueless Reviewer
Best TV Club Classic Reviews
Best TV Club Reviews
Best Film Review
Best Newswire
Best Evidence for Todd VanderWerff’s Slipping Hold on Sanity
Best New Feature
Yummiest Gameological Society “The Digest”
Best Feature
Most Social Writer
Most Improved Writer
Gameological Article of the Year
Article of the Year
AV Club Section of the Year
Most  Missed Writer
AV Club Writer of the Year

The Commentariate Awards
Most Downvoteable Commenter
The Unicorn
Best Reoccuring Commenter Post
Meme of the Year
Best Username/Avatar
Favorite Gimmick/Character Account
The Biastoic Overly Informative Commenter Award
The No Longer Named After E. Buzz Miller Because It Weirds Him Out Kind Commenter of the Year
Most Improved Commenter
Best  Comment – Comedy/Musical
Best Comment – Drama
Commenter of the Year

  • beema

    I’m new, what the hell are the 2013’s 2012 ones?

    • GaryX

      It’s basically to cover the fact that sometimes pop culture slips through the cracks (and is a blatant copy of a similar idea over on Giant Bomb). It’s for pop culture that came out last year but you only got around to discovering, and enjoying, this year.

    • Monte Hellman’s Mayonnaise

      I love your Avatar, it makes me hungry.

  • Cookie_Monster

    Me just want to say thanks to @GaryX:disqus for putting this all together. It must have been insane amount of work. And me know who me going to call next time me need web designer — site looks like well-frosted gingerbread cookie!

    • el_sid

      Be honest, now- did you try to eat your monitor?

    • wallflower

      I second this. @GaryX:disqus did an amazing and professional job last year and looks to be repeating it this year too. All this and he’s employed!

      Oh, and merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  • Jimmy James

    Hey Gary, thanks for putting this together again. Could you explain “The Unicorn” category? I would guess it’s the commenter who is so rare that he/she is almost a myth, but whose every appearance is magical and beautiful. Like Stan Lee, whom I feel like I haven’t seen in ages but who is always a gem.

    • ChancellorPuddinghead

      I nominated that Stacy one. You never see her coming, and she’s rarely on topic, but damn if I don’t lose my shit every time she posts.

      • el_sid

        Appropriately enough, I think the Unicorn award should go to Horsefellow.

  • occono


2012’s 2011 Awards: The Winners