Best of the AV Club Awards: The Winners

Hey guys, welcome to the 2012 AV Club Awards Week! Today we continue with site specific awards. Note the other nominations following the winner are not in any particular order. Sorry for the delay and now back to our regularly scheduled awards.

Other nominations: Philip Dyess-Nugent, Simon Abrams, Todd VanDerWerff

Other nominations: Wreck-It Ralph, The Dark Knight Rises, The Master, Moonrise Kingdom, Holy Motors

Other nominations: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones

Other nominations: Our “white people problems” problem: Why it’s time to stop using “white” as a pejorative, The beautiful artificiality of the American mallscape, When 3-D is the only way to see a movie (even for those who hate 3-D), Facing reality: How a docu-soap became as compelling as any scripted show, Should some movies be taken more seriously than others?, Did 12 Angry Men get it wrong?, Why being a pop-culture “hater” is okay (and sometimes even necessary), Did The Sopranos do more harm than good?: HBO and the decline of the episode, What was the quintessential Charlie’s Angels undercover guise?, The Tumblr trap: Is Internet culture turning musicians into content producers?, Plot Holes and Politics: Do You Need an Airtight Reason to Dislike a Movie?, Are trailers spoilers? (And should movie-lovers avoid them?), The Grammys are worth watching (seriously), Do documentaries need to be fair to both sides of an issue?, Has Dave Chapelle Handled Fame Exactly Right?

Other nominations: TMZ finds Terrence Malick in the stillness, yet it cannot see the glory, Doug Ellin says he’s almost done with the Entourage movie script that we went ahead and wrote for him, Mitt Romney also enjoys watching shows on the television screen, just like every American, Cinemark to reward you for not texting during movies, even though you’re the only real person on Earth and can do what you want, NBC creating a show about George Washington, America’s first president of sexiness, Prepare your intestines for their own unexpected journey with Denny’s Hobbit inspired menu, Girl who sent photo of Nicolas Cage as her job application illustrates importance of not doing that

Other nominations: The “Glee” season premiere review, American Horror Story Reviews, Girls

Other nominations: Justin Bieber just likes butts, Brett Ratner is the latest director rumored for the Justice League movie he won’t actually direct,  Brett Ratner would like you to come work for him and/or show him your tits

Other nominations: 100 Episodes, TV Club 10, Hatesong, Spoiler Space, Gameological Society, Hip Hop And You Do Stop, Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Weekend

Other nominations: Cinnamon Toast Crunch/DYAD, Pineapple Bubble Tea/Sleeping Dogs

Other nominations: Random Roles, My World of Flops, New Cult Canon, A Very Special Episode, AV Q&A, Primer, Gateways to Geekery

Other nominations: Rowan Kaiser, Will Harris, Tasha Robinson, Sean O’Neal, Zach Handlen, John Teti, Noel Murray

Other nominations: Nathan Rabin, Drew Toal, Rowan Kaiser, Zack Handlen, David Sims

Other nominations: Perfect Circle: An REM Story, CANNES 2012, Day Seven: Leos Carax’s bugfuck masterpiece strikes Cannes like a lightning bolt, The New Cult Cannon: 12 Monkeys is hard sci-fi with a soft center, Sean O’Neal writes the Entourage Movie, Best Films of the 90s, Community Season Finale, My World of Flops – The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure, Assassin’s Creed III Review

Other nominations: Newswire, Film, Music, Gameological Society



Donna Bowman


Nathan Rabin


Noel Murray


Todd VanDerWerff

Love the winners? Hate the winners? Sound off below, complain to me on The AV Club or whine on me at twitter @guyneiljames.

Tomorrow: we continue with and wrap up the Best of the Year Awards, Round 2.

  • Matthew McGrath

    Wow wow wow, these were all stellar choices. Bravo, everyone.

  • Festivus Yee Yee


    • Renato Miranda


  • Festivus Yee Yee


    • Ayatollah Colm Meaney


      Seriously, no other writer responds to requests and geek-outs from us commenters like Harris. Dude is in the trenches, and knuckle-deep.

      • reckoner

        Will is really sociable and cool. Emily Guendelsberger was also really nice and replied a lot in her Korra reviews this year, too. Good people, the both of ’em.

      • HobbesMkii

        Haha. “knuckle-deep trenches.”

        Also, Will Harris is awesome.

      • WillHarrisInVA

        Oh, you’re just saying that because I did a Random Roles interview with your namesake. But thanks.

      • GaryX

        @ayatollahcolmmeaney:disqus Yeah, like I’ve mentioned elsewhere Will Harris is increasingly becoming one of my favorites. I made the most social writer award with him and Teti in mind, so I’m a bit bummed neither got it.

      • K. Thrace

        Will Harris definitely should’ve won (even though TVDW and Rowan should tie for 2nd). Proof of this? He replied here!!!

  • SarChris Castro

    Good job with the pics. Will forever associate Sean O’Neal as Will MacAvoy

  • LoveWaffle

    Dyess-Nugent should have won the SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMS! award for his South Park (Classic) reviews. If for no other reason, he says the stuff in the first season of South Park is truly disturbing. Clearly, he has never seen any other season of South Park.

    • mratfink

      Man i am truly pissed that SIIIIIIMS won the SIIIIIIIIMS! award. PDN deserved that all the way. Every review he writes feels like “u mad bro?” should be appended to the end of it

    • Czar

      Seriously, Sims had no business winning that one.

    • GaryX

      I knew you’d be upset.

  • WaxTom

    And now we honor those who have passed this year.

    *montage set to I Will Remember You*
    Keith Phipps, 1995 to 2012
    Reposted Avenged Sevenfold Fans Comments, 2012 to 2012…

    • Ayatollah Colm Meaney

      We’re going to have a fucking 4th of July celebration when Tarkovsky’s Former AD goes kaputt.

  • reckoner

    TV Club and Newswire run this muthafucka, yo! I was really rooting for “white as pejorative” to win. Oh well, the Girls shitshow was pretty great to witness as well. Fucking laughed out loud at the picture you used for Todd’s Most Social Writer Award as well.

    • WaxTom

      I could have sworn the seapunk tumblr one was the winner.

      • reckoner

        oh god, i forgot about that one. that was the one they brought someone from pitchfork in for, right?

        • WaxTom

          I remember reading the whole thing and having no fucking idea what he was trying to get across.

          • reckoner

            Yeah, it was complete gobbeldygook. I’m sure someone somewhere knows what the fuck he was on about it, but it ain’t me.

      • GaryX

        It was in the lead for awhile, but that Girls one was easily the winner. What’s crazier about the seapunk thing though is that I now have figured it out because of a Hipster fucking Runoff article a friend sent me.

        It’s a weird world we live in when a HR article has decoded an AV Club article.

    • mratfink

      i was hoping the 12 angry men one was gonna win. god that infuriated me.

    • K. Thrace

      O’Neal’s article about Entourage should’ve swept every category, regardless of whether or not it would make sense. It was the best thing I’ve ever read.

    • Scrawler

      I was really rooting for the Terrence Malick Newswire to win, as I laughed so hard at that that I almost choked. But still, all excellent choices.

  • Cloks

    The Genevieve Koski picture is priceless.

  • Ayatollah Colm Meaney

    How the fuck Oogieloves didn’t win is blasphemy. And I love Community too, own the DVDs, but christ, it wasn’t the bastion of great television criticism that these awards make it out to be. Those reviews were circle jerks, and TVDW has done better television criticism.

    Unrelated, Handlen gets completely underrated by our commentariat. Guys a solid critic, an even better essayist when he relays anecdotes, and doesn’t get as much love for you rabble as he should. All the writers of the year deserve to be on there, but Handlen’s my go-to pick, right after O’Neal of course.

    • 0Emmanuel

      Yeah, Zack’s DS9 reviews are definitely my favorite at the moment.

      • Bob J Koester

        Agreement on that. If I’d been more active earlier I would have nominated those for best TVC Reviews. Although his amusing Monty Python interlude (elevating moment?) may have diluted his support.

  • Renaton

    It’s a shame John Teti couldn’t win anything. He’s my favorite.

    • GaryX

      He’s the AV Club dark horse.

    • Girard

      It’s a shame, especially since he’s masterminded an amazing sister-site to the AVClub – one which commissioned a bunch of end-of-year current-events indie games that were posted this morning, which is freaking awesome. The Gameological Society was my vote for favorite “new feature,” and Teti was my top vote for writer this year simply because he’s taken on so much this year and done such a bang-up job.

      Not that I can really complain too much, as the writers who did win are also awesome folks whose work I enjoy (and who were on my ballot, too).

      • Renaton

        I have to admit that since I’m not a gamer, I didn’t follow the Gameological Society articles, but I have to fanboy for him based on “Project Runway” reviews and “Sherlock”.

        • Girard

          Oh, heavens, I forget he was also responsible for the “Next Great Artist” reviews, which I read even though I couldn’t watch the show. Teti really is a fucking treasure.

    • K. Thrace

      I voted for his Project Runway reviews as the best TV Club articles, but I don’t think they had enough of a following amongst the general AV Club population.

      • Sean Smith

        I didn’t watch the most recent season, but I’ve loved his PR reviews in the past. Gold, I tell ya.

    • Scrawler

      His Work of Art reviews are some of the greatest things ever written on this site.

      • GaryX

        Oh I haven’t read those. As someone who went to art school, I had a feeling I’d just hate that show, but if Teti wrote reviews…

        • Renaton

          If you hated art school and the show, you’ll love Teti’s reviews.

          • GaryX


        • Scrawler

          Oh I never saw a single second of the show. I just read the reviews, because they were the real works of art. I laughed so hard at some of them that I was crying.

        • GaryX

          I just read one of them, and it’s like the voice of reason smashing through the psuedo-bullshit reviews I would stumble into at Pratt.

  • The Howling Fantods

    I love you guys.

    • GaryX

      Well thanks, DFW.

  • Czar

    Community Season Finale winning article of the year is a joke, along with 2 Broke Girls somehow beating American Horror Story for show making TVDW lose grip with reality.

    • GaryX

      I’m fine with 2 Broke Girls. It’s a much more subtle arc of denial that ultimately led to this:,67529/ which just goes on and on and on and nowhere at all.

      • mratfink

        it was really the best when Todd finally gave up the 2 Broke Girls ghost. Todd’s my favorite writer on the site so when i saw him in full on denial i felt bad but it paid off in the end!

  • Chance Carmichael?

    Yes to all of this.

    • Chance Carmichael?

      Though I love Todd Vanderwerff and don’t get all the hate he gets.

      • Scrawler

        Who hates Todd?

        • Cinedouche

          I doooooooo.

  • Greg Noe

    Oh man, Ghostbusters as Koski’s “Most Improved Writer” image is awesome.

  • Antoniooo

    Todd’s Mad Men reviews were robbed! (and his Sopranos reviews, which are the best writing on the entire site weren’t even nominated!!!)

  • Presuming Ed

    This is so completely beautiful. Thank you @GaryX:disqus for making what has been my best experience with an internet community even better.

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