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Hi there.

Thanks for taking part in the nomination process. With that behind us, the final polls are now open. You can return and edit your entries as you like until you’re done so long as you use the same computer. You’ll be able to vote and edit until midnight on January 31. Note that there are hyperlinks on some items in the poll that will take you directly to the music or comment in question. There’s some surprising nominations and shakeups, so I’m excited to see how this all plays out. I’ll put out a full list of the nominees in a day or two when I have a chance.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to write in the comments below or get in touch via the email or on Twitter @The_Commies. Thanks again!

The Commies 2013 Dates
Final Voting: January 20 – January 31
Awards Week: February 3 – February 7



  • great aunt birgit

    Why do I have to rank every nominee in the Best Writer category? I only like three of them.

    • GaryX

      That’s my fault. I’m trying to see if I can add N/A, but I think it would cause the previous votes to get tossed.

      • Douay-Rheims-Challoner

        N/A was working when I tried it, which I assume was after you implemented it. Really stellar work here Gary it must be said.

        • polarbeers

          Agreed; great job, Gary. Also, I have no idea how the fuck he made it into the “Most Downvoteable Commenter” category.

          • GaryX

            Who knows. To be fair, I probably enjoy getting down voted more than up voted anyways, so I’m fine with it.

          • WhiteFratBroWithDreads


  • Digifreak64

    The main takeaway from the nominations is that more of you need to watch The Good Wife. Out of the 72 shows 2013 shows I watched it ranks at #4 and it didn’t make the pool of 30 shows nominated for Best TV Show. This show is at its peak right now in its fifth season and it’s amazing to watch.

    • polarbeers

      I do need to watch The Good Wife. I’m surprised it wasn’t even nominated, especially considering there are 30 shows.

      Speaking of shows that should’ve been nominated…Southland was amazing. I knew it didn’t really have that much of a fanbase, but I was hoping it could sneak in there.

  • WhiteFratBroWithDreads

    back to back nominees? i’m putting that on my resume.

  • TodayYourLove TomorrowTheWorld

    Hey, when ranking things, is 1 best or worst? Am I just stupid? That second question is rhetorical, dont answer that one.

  • wallflower

    You know that line about “it’s an honor just to be nominated”? Turns out that’s true. Thanks everyone. Just thanks.

    • Douay-Rheims-Challoner

      Likewise. I’m genuinely surprised and frankly flattered to be nominated in two separate categories.

      • polarbeers

        You deserve an award just for creating and organizing the forum.

  • Tity Boi

    *realizes he wasted $17 mil in campaign money – now pushes for MTV Movie Award*

  • Reposted a7x Fan

    OMG. I’m so exited!!

    -norway2602, 8 hours ago

    • http://avclub.com/ Cookie_Monster

      @reposteda7xfan:disqus , you have been killing it lately. You deserve to win in every category, including best 2012 movie of 2013.

  • https://lazysight.wordpress.com/ sarCCastro

    I didn’t see that “Elementary is better than Sherlock” piece until after I already voted. Is it too late to change my vote(s)?

    • AVClubbedToDeath

      That goes into next year’s nomination pool.

  • flowsthead

    I don’t seem to be able to edit. When I click on vote, it just says to come back Feb 3rd and has a button for done, but none for previous.

    • GaryX

      Hm. I’ll take a look at that later when I’m back at the computer and let you know if I can fix it.

      • flowsthead

        Thanks, GaryX.

  • Curmudgahideen

    Thank you for the Best Comment (Comedy) nomination! My mother once told me that making dick jokes would get me nowhere in life, and, since she was right, it’s consolations like this that get me through.

  • senor spielbergo

    Well since I did a shitty job of self-promotion for Commenter of the Year, vote for the Spike Lee meme or else addresses will be tweeted and such.

  • http://avclub.com/ Cookie_Monster

    This seem like good place as any to say thank you, @GaryX:disqus, for putting this whole thing together once again. If AVC didn’t already have best reader community on internet, Commies seal deal.

  • stakkalee

    Thanks again @GaryX:disqus for putting this together for a second year. The most difficult vote I had to cast was for the Best Serious Comment category – y’all are some thoughtful, erudite motherfuckers.

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