The Commies: Final Votes

After a slight delay (sorry everyone), I’m happy to launch the final round of voting for the 2012 Commies. The method of voting in this round is much simpler.

There are two different kinds of voting that will occur throughout the ballot:

  • Popular: exactly what it sounds like. Simply choose the item you’d like to see win.
  • Ranking: on votes such as “Best Film” or “Best Commenter” rather than simply picking one winner, you can rank the various options from 1-X. Note that the placement does have a weighting so that putting “Scott Tobias” as your number 1 gimmick commenter is not equal to putting him as number 5. Each item will receive the point value of its ranking, and the number with the  lowest average (ie, the one closest to one) will be at the top. If you do not want to assign any points to a given item, simply choose or checkmark N/A. You can either select the number from the drop down or drag and drop.

As with the last round, the answers are editable so long as you use the same computer until December 14, and you don’t have to vote in every category. As last time, a description of each award  can be found here.

And that’s it! I’ll upload a full list of the nominees soon. Besides that, happy voting! If you have any questions, ask them below (anonymous postings do work w/ email), on the AV Club or on Twitter @guyneiljames.

And don’t forget to come back for the results starting the week of December 17!

  • fieldafar

    Vote early and vote often!

    Oh, and good luck to everyone nominated.

  • Jeff Tweedy

    So fucking happy to see Jim Treacher on worst of the year. Bummed about Yee-Yee though; I do have a soft spot for him. I’m rooting for Dikachu for best, only because he’s been so nice to me.

    • intangible fancy

      I’m only voting him for gimmick account. Anything else is giving him too much credit.

      • Festivus Yee Yee

        what exactly is my gimmick though? unless you mean T-Dogg, which was done to honor a great man. AW HELL NAW.

        • intangible fancy

          Oh, I was referring to Jim Treacher if that wasn’t clear.

          • JimTreacher

            It was.

    • GaryX

      I think Yee-Yee was pushing to have himself nominated for everything, so he just ended up on that list. It seems like the nominees are half serious/half ironic.

      • Ayatollah Colm Meaney

        I’ll only push for a nomination for myself when you ultimately roll out the “Most Unintentionally Dumb Commenter” award.

        And Dikachu is a saint.

        • Dikachu

          You guys are making me blush….. :X

    • Monte Hellmans Mayonnaise

      No one likes anything I say, but I don’t post often enough to get noticed so PHEW!

  • flowsthead

    I can’t believe Fringe didn’t make either acting categories. John Noble! Anna Torv! What is going on? Also, Jared Harris with his great work on both Fringe and Mad Men is a total miss. For shame AVC voters. For shame.

    • Come On Amarth

      Yes to all of the above.
      Also shame for the complete blacking out of Jason Heller.

  • Rembrandt Q. Einstein

    dafuq, AVClub? Every time there’s an Emmy thread people always talk about how much of a travesty it is that not a single member of the IASIP Gang has received a nod for best actor, and it loos like the same goes here. For shame, AVCub. For shame.

    Also, Scrawler for AT&T of commenters? wtf?

  • Ayatollah Colm Meany

    You elite few, you band of brothers (and sisters), are a pleasure to read day-in, day-out, and those nominated are an exemplary cut of our masses. I hope to one day be astute and witty enough to thrive amongst you elite. You guys make voting for these supremely pointless yet thoroughly glorious awards a challenge I’m happy to have.

    • Dikachu

      I totally wanted to vote for you for “best user name” but I was too lazy to nominate anything.

  • Festivus Yee Yee

    Remember to vote for me! AROOOOOOOOO

  • lrobinl

    Is anyone else having a problem voting? I get three pages in then it sends me back to the beginning

    • GaryX

      There seems to have been something messing it up earlier. I’m not sure what–I think it might have been on surveymonkey’s end–but it appears to be cleared up now. If it continues to not work, it appears that its set off by staying on one page for too long, so you might try navigating back or forward to “refresh” it and keep it from kicking you back.

      Sorry it happened to you!

  • the kid

    this is where i get upset about the nominated albums from last year.

    where’s ema, fucked up, and bon iver?

  • Adam Sandler

    Thank yoo for picking me to be the Acadamee Award winner you guys are my best friends.

    When do I get to pick up my prise?

  • valondar

    Well this was weird, but due props to you Gary X for putting it together. It was certainly a fun thing to vote in.

    (says the commenter otherwise little known as Douay-Rheims-Challoner)

  • Preparation Heche

    Fuck you pricks for snubbing me…

  • ApathyMonger

    The lack of Bunheads in the New Show round is a shame. But I didn’t vote in the last round, so it’s probably my fault.

  • Monte Hellmans Mayonnaise

    Is it just me or is the ranking thing a bit counterintuitive. The nominee with the lowest score wins…?

    • GaryX

      It averages the various rankings together. So if commenter X is ranked 1, 4, and 15 by various people, his/her current standing would be 11.6.

      • Monte Hellmans Mayonnaise

        OH, OH, OH. Okay. That makes more sense. Maths is hards.

  • HBO CEO of TIts

    It is truly an honor to be nominated. I was hoping for a gimmick nod, but if I wanted that I would have stayed in gimmick more of the time.

  • UninvitedChristopherGuest

    My deep contempt of vanity based popular rankings is matched only by my exemplary and enviable devotion to pederasty.

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