The Commies: Nominations

Below, you’ll find the link to the nominee voting. Before you do, though, please read through the following voter guidelines and format. This way when voting on slightly unconventional things like “best comment,” people won’t be voting for the same thing under multiple names

Note: For a full list and description of awards please head here.

  • If you haven’t posted on the AV Club before today, you won’t be eligible to vote. Sorry, but I have to keep control of it somehow. If you enter a name other than your AV Club name in the poll, your votes will be removed.
  • I’ve changed the program to allow you to update your nominations at any time until the poll closes. However, you must press “done” for any changes to be submitted. If you do not finish, you can return to the poll and adjust your answers as you wish–so long as you use the same computer. If you do not press “done” your responses have not yet been added.
  • Obviously, things that have yet to come out this year will have to be eligible for next year. I think stuff like Amour is eligible, but since it’s wide release won’t be until after the polling has occurred we might have to make it eligible for both 2012/2013. It’s up to you guys to hash out in the comments.
  • If you wish to not nominate in a category, you can simply skip it. You can also put in as many–at least within the text box limit–or as few nominations as you want
  •  There is no ranking to the nominations. Fill in the boxes in whatever order you desire. Some of the number of nominations will be cut down before final voting depending on the amount of votes received.
  • For categories such as “Best Album,” “Best Actor,” “Best Episode,” etc. name both the nominee and then a dash and the band/entertainment. Ie: “Kid A – Radiohead,” “Daniel Day Lewis – There Will Be Blood,” “John Hamm – Mad Men,” or Rubber Man – American Horror Story.”
  • For nominations regarding comments list the commenter, article, and then first four words of the comment (mostly so that I can verify them). Ie: “Cookie_Monster, The Muppet Backlash Has Begun, Yes There Always Going.”
  • For books, use title then author.
  • For best TV review, just write the name of the show.

I believe that’s everything. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments (note: anonymous comments are allowed, you just have to enter an email), ask me on The AV Club, or message me on Twitter @guyneiljames. I’ll update these notes accordingly. Feel free to champion your choices in the comments as well.

And don’t forget to come back December 3 for the final round of voting!

EDIT: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m not going to be able to have the final poll up until tomorrow. Super sorry, everyone. 

  • GaryX


    • Hi Mom

      worked fine for me

  • Hi Mom

    Thanks for doing all this! Just went through the nominations and I think you shouldn’t have to nominate in EVERY category. All I wanted to do was nominate Rappin’ Jake Sisko as the most awesome gimmick account ever, and I had to go through every category? Yeesh. I hope someone gets fired for this blunder.

    • Hi Mom

      Sorry I see now you have instructions to put in “N/A” for other categories. Still takes way too long if you only want to nominate in a few categories

  • Kirk Cameron Left Me Behind

    This is awesome.

  • haysoos

    Somehow I thought this was going to be awards for commenting on the AV Club boards.

    Although it turns out this will not be the forum to give Cookie Monster the recognition he so strongly deserves, this is almost as good. I guess.

    • GaryX

      It’s awards for general end of year stuff, content on the site and the commenters who comment on it. I’m almost positive Cookie Monster will get his due.

  • ElDan

    This is really cool, @GaryX:disqus , thanks for putting this together! I’m looking forward to the results!

  • Nice_dolphin_nigga

    GaryX: I fucked up on a couple of the categories; is there any way I can PM you or something, because I’m guessing you’ll check these manually? It’s literally just two small changes (in the interest of keeping this anonymous, I’d prefer a PM).

    • GaryX

      Do you have twitter? If you DM me on there I can manually change it. I’ll see if I can set up a PM on WordPress.

      • N_D_N

        Yeah I do, but I haven’t used twitter in over a year and don’t know how to DM someone (seems like you have to follow me? I just pressed follow on you, but didn’t seem to do much in terms of making me able to DM you.

        My twitter is @AMyggen btw.

        God, I sound like I’m 70 y/o when talking about twitter.

        • GaryX

          Cool. I’ll make the changes. I’ve deleted you other comment to keep it a little more anonymous.

          • Nice_dolphin_nigga

            Cool cool cool.

          • Nice_dolphin_nigga

            Btw, give me a heads up if you see that I’ve done anything wrong with the submission or something like that. I’m on an absolutely awful PC here, so I can never be sure that it has done what I told it to do.

  • The Narrator Returns

    Hey, Gary, for my selection in the Best Comment – Drama section, I chose something from the very, very long Community finale board. To save you time, it’s featured in the Newswire (,86407/) about the board, and it’s listed as the 100,000th comment.

    • GaryX

      Great, thanks for that!

  • the kid


  • flowsthead

    Hey Gary X,
    For next time it would be cool if we could save our answers, or get something like a print out of what we wrote so we could compare for when the final tallies come in. I saved some of my answers, but it took me some time to copy everything over into a notepad.

    Also, this was an awesome job regardless.

  • Fake Bacon

    Just to be clear, the first page of questions is the ONLY page of 2011 media, correct? Everything beyond that had to be released/exist in 2012? Just want to make sure I’m not fucking this up.

    • GaryX

      That is correct!

  • wolfmansRazor

    Yo Gary, I just submitted a list but didn’t see these rules before submitting it. My entries are formatted with commas, not dashes. Will that be a hassle for you? Should I go back and reformat them? It’s not a problem if it will save you some trouble.

    Thanks for doing this. It’s a big step up from my hastily thrown together “Dawesies” threads from last year.

    • GaryX


      Nah, just fucking with you. It should be okay. I wouldn’t worry about it.

      And thanks! I didn’t know that was you (I only vaguely remembered the thread). The idea sort of came from remembering that. I’ll figure out a way to credit you.

      • wolfmansRazor

        I might edit my entries, anyway, since I thought of them more like lists than nomination forms. In my excitement I totally missed the rules!

        And no need to give me credit. The Dawesies thread was mere twaddle compared to this. Hope it’s a success!

  • PolarBears

    Hey, so I was wondering if the TV episodes still to air this year would be eligible for next year. There’s a couple big finales/midseason finales yet to air, but the nom period only is up to November 30th, before some of these December episodes air. Oh, and there’s also several movies in December.

  • The Narrator Returns

    So, when does the final round of voting start? It appears that it isn’t ready yet, but I’m only getting this message: “Sorry, you were late! You can still participate in the final round of voting, though, if that’s still open!”

    • The Narrator Returns

      Ah, I see the date now. Nevermind.

  • OhthePossibilities

    I think you’re all great, but as for ranking commenters, there’s Miller, and then there’s everyone else.

The Commies: 2012 Description of Awards